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Richard Muraya
Feces, Fear & Fetuses: How Korogocho Village Rehabilitated Nairobi River
By Richard Muraya | |
Drained from a highland lake to a marshy swamp, Ondiri represents the dangers of over-abstraction of water resources. Located 25km northwest of Kenya's capital city Nairobi, is the source of the city's largest river and a lifeline for millions of Kenyans downstream.
Demystifying Air Quality in Kenya: What is Clean Air?
By Richard Muraya | |
The air we breathe and the water we drink largely determine our quality of life. Breathing in unclean air over long periods has been linked to premature deaths across the world and
How We Used IoT to Monitor Domestic Water Usage
By Richard Muraya | | 0 Comments |
The Kihumo Community Hub, like many residents in Kihumo village, are connected to water mains from the Kikuyu Water Company and store water in robust tanks. We piloted a water monitoring project using the Internet of Things to help us reduce water consumption. This is our story
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